Limitless: Blind Beginnings Podcast

Episode 43 - Let’s Talk About Drumming

April 6, 2021

This week on the podcast we’ve snared some great guests and there may be repercussions! If you guessed that our topic is drumming based on those incredibly bad puns, you’d be absolutely correct! This week Shawn and co-host Seerat are joined by Gary and Alethea, both experienced drummers who are blind or partially sighted and they discuss what made them pick up drumsticks in the first place, some of the challenges they face, and what they love about being percussionists. Take it from us, you just can’t beat this episode!

Blind Beginnings’ mission is to inspire children and youth who are blind or partially sighted and their families through diverse programs, experiences, counseling and peer support, and opportunities to create fulfilling lives. Visit us online at to find out more!

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